Basalt holds the key for low-emission agriculture at scale.

But putting rock on the ground is the last step in a long, complicated process. Our software makes it easy.
Using standard farming machinery, a typical 25 tonne basalt carpet will breakdown quickly and release the below nutrient payload.
500 kg
500 kg
2,000 kg
2,000 kg

Emission Reduction Path 1

Synthetic Fertilizer Reduction / Efficiency

By replacing up to half of typical synthetic fertilizer use with additional reduction from increased nitrogen fixing efficiency.

Same fertilizer effect but less bad stuff in the land, water and air.

Emission Reduction Path 2

Permanent Carbon Removal

Soil inorganic carbon is the forgotten element of soil carbon that permanently sequesters CO2 by transforming atmospheric carbon dioxide into stable bi/carbonate minerals.

Emission Reduction Path 3

Non-Permanent Carbon Removal

The release of essential nutrients creates conditions, such as increased soil pH and CEC, which promote microbial growth and the accumulation of soil organic carbon.

From little things, big things grow.

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