Where to start?

"Climate change" is a broad emotive term. It is hard to know where to start on a meaningful response.

Climate change is a labyrinthine and multifaceted issue. From the ascending levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to the rising water levels and dwindling food security, it can be an overwhelming task to decide where to direct effort and resources.
Companies must also navigate the pressing need to address the issue and the fact that their operations and supply chains are both creating value for society but also contributing to the problem.


What to start?

Deciding between carbon avoidance, abatement schemes and negative emission technology is a tricky business.

Companies often find themselves in a difficult position, with the public expecting them to provide concrete solutions to the problem of climate change. However, the reality is that companies are often constrained by their own people and resource limitations and are at pains to merely stay abreast of the latest technologies let alone implement and/or develop their own.
Furthermore, it's important for companies to be transparent and authentic in their efforts to address climate change to avoid accusations of "greenwashing" and maintain their reputation.


How to Start?

Designing, deploying, and maintaining a carbon removal project for a company is a Herculean task.

Deploying profitable carbon removal projects promises a set of challenges - likely outside normal business operations - such as the high cost of implementing these technologies, limited availability of funding, and a lack of expertise in the field. Additionally, monitoring and reporting on the progress and effectiveness of these projects can also be challenging, as it requires specialized knowledge and resources. Another hurdle is bringing company supply chains along on the journey, this can be difficult as it requires coordination and cooperation across multiple organizations, each with their own goals, constraints and priorities.


The Carbonaught Protocol™ is a platform built on patent-pending technology that enables companies to deploy, track and report on their carbon removal operations in working agricultural soil.
The protocol targets the weak point of the climate problem and directly addresses four United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.


Hit the weak spot

Climate change may seem like an unstoppable force, but it has a weakness. Our Carbonaught Protocol™ is designed to target this weakness by focusing on agricultural soils. With our innovative solution, companies can tackle both the cause (excessive CO2 in the atmosphere) and the effect (declining food security) with a single, powerful strike.


With the right tools

The Carbonaught Protocol™ is a innovative solution, powered by our patent-pending enhanced weathering process. With a 90% carbon efficiency factor, it is a highly effective net negative emission technology that offsets emissions, rather than simply limiting them through abatement or avoidance. Additionally, the protocol's carbon drawdown provides a valuable co-benefit for global food security, making it a win-win solution for both the environment and sustainable agriculture.


In size

Managing large-scale operations that encompass logistics, contract management, and complex scientific measurements and modeling can be challenging. Our platform encapsulates a wealth of experience in these areas, making deployment, monitoring, and reporting a breeze. With the expertise at your fingertips, companies can streamline their carbon drawdown operations with ease.